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Mercedes 313cdi

Mercedes- Benz 313 CDI Hehn five*Star luxury Capover style

We are very sorry but we do not have any motor home or van available since two years!

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Grimm - Wohnmobile

Malteser Hilfsdienst in Augsburg
Herr Dieter Braunmiller Telefon 0049-(0)821-433394

For wheelchair accessible Mini Van

with MB Sprinter chassis, belongs to the most reliable small trucks.

Low maintenance costs, high mileage and long life have been the Sprinter's calling card right from the start. Over half a million vehicles sold Mercedes-Benz since 1995 and speak for themselves.

If needed, the anti-spin regulation (ASR), together with ABS, can prevent wheelspin and puts the power where it belongs: on the road.

Good isn't good enough for us, though!

The MB - Sprinter is now world wide the most famous truck, serves as the basis for the reconstruction for the wheel chair accessible motor home.

Undisputed are the qualities of the Mercedes-Benz chassis, as well as its reliability, comfort and safety.

The "swabian pack animal" was fitted with an alcove aluminum body, which is winterized. This body fulfills all the wishes of a physically handicapped person and an luxury standard.

Our motor homes for the handicapped have been especially designed for people, who can not operate a vehicle from the hip down. We have installed hand operated devices (left and right side) to offer a choice of operation of the vehicle to either active wheel chair drivers or non-handicapped drivers.

Of course, we have also taken into consideration easy accessibility by wheel chair into the motor home!

This is a great solution for all who want to travel a little longer and luxury by wheelchair.

here you´ll find the vehicle data
  Das behindertengerechte Wohnmobil von Hehn

Reisemobil mit dem Mercedes 313 CDI Sprinter-Fahrgestell

Hehn five*Star

Hehn mit Sonnenrollo

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