Rolli-Mobil: Independent travelling with wheelchair accessible motorhomes

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Control Mercedes 313cdi

Steering/handling system

A hand controlled, left or right side, device to the right manufactured by Felitec controls the handling of the vehicle. You are able to accelerate with the adjustable accelerator knob. By pushing the control device, the vehicle brakes.

The steering wheel knob can be taken off for easier steering.

The Rolli-vehicle can also be driven using the standard issued pedals!

The Rolli-vehicle has a very practical inner design for wheel chair accessibility. This means, that there are no barriers in the way to the driver's seat for self-driving.

The driver's seat and the front passenger seat are mechanically movable and can be turned 180 degrees. The movable seats enable an easier cross over within. This enables an entry using the electrical lift and a change over to the respective seats.

here see more about the inner room
  hand control example of type KK

Steering of Mercedes 313CDI
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