Rolli-Mobil: Independent travelling with wheelchair accessible motorhomes

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Rental Agreement
All prices are inclusive current taxes and are valid from our pick-up and delivery place Schönaich/Böblingen near Stuttgart. Please ask us about a possible pick-up from the Airport in Stuttgart or the train station in Stuttgart.
Drop-off and pick-up of these vehicles can be in the BRD area or Europe-wide. Please ask about the details and special terms and conditions.
We supply free of charge to you an awning, cable drum and an energy cableadapter.

All vehicles are fully insured with your deductible being € 1000,--.

In case of an accident, this deductible has to be left as a security deposit ( either as cash or as a Euro check). Of course, you will get your security deposit back at the time of the return, if there are no damages. Insurance for parts/objects of the vehicle have a deductible of € 155.-. With exception: The awnings of the vehicles are not included, as the insurer would not have covered storm damage.
Camping dishes
for the wheel chair accessible motor homes, like plates, cups, bowls, cutlery, pots and pans, storage bins, can and bottle openers, do you need to bring it by yourself.

Normal pick-up and drop-off takes place during the day within normal operating hours. If you need special times, come and talk to us. Please ensure to clarify this point ahead of time with us!

For safety reasons, we recommend you get ADAC insured.(road safety ie: CAA in Canada or AAA in the States
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